Anno 1602 - Das waren Zeiten - Part 8 (Widescreen Test)

Das ganze kann man hier nachlesen:

Finally possible to play Anno 1602 on LARGER maps!! (from 500x350 to bigger)

Der Kanal zum Gleichnamigen Forum, dort findest du eine Community rund um das Thema Aufbaustrategie mit dem Schwerpunkt Anno in allen Versionen

Ich wünsche nun viel Spaß.

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  • to me it happened that the game sometimes crashed when it wanted to play certain music on larger maps, still investigating the issue, this does not happen in the editor

    • I only had a crash at the end when I wanted to change the resolution which you rarely do :)

    • Not sure why it gives so much trouble finding the right hand menu size on the screen, also seems the graphics for 800 resolution get loaded in the 1920 mode, there should be somewhere a setting with the number 200, looked everywhere, also nothing in the .GAD files, still searching and looking, I won't give up, also I managed to get anno in windowed mode with dxwindow, but that does not always seem to work.. Im still on this :)